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I’m Alice B. Reckless and I set up this blog because I want to join in. Because there are things that we’re – at least I’m – too scared to talk about so we end up living in a whole culture of dishonesty, endemicising things that make people unhappy. Right here, I can be honest, and I can link to other people who I think are being honest and doing things right, and hopefully we can interract without hostility.

Without hostility but also, as much as possible, without playing inside the rules of hetero-patriarchal bullshit. It’s okay to swear here. It’s not okay to hate on people or to shut people down. Trolls? Yeah, you won’t be tolerated. Liberals? You will not be venerated. My core belief system isn’t the same as yours. I’ll listen if you listen, no patronising.

Let’s do this.

Love shot straight from the barrell of a .45,

Alice B. xx

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  1. Hello again! Thanks for following me! I noticed you’re following my academic profile; if you were interested in my blog on mental health in academia, please visit

    I’m enjoying your blog (I’m so glad I found it thanks to your “letter to lonely and anxious women”); I look forward to exploring more of your site!


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