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Reinstate Owen Holland!

I’m happy to say that Owen Holland is now back at Cambridge finishing his PhD.

Dear Professor Borysiewicz –

As an alumna of the University of Cambridge, I am ashamed.

As a postgraduate student, I feel betrayed.

As a champion of democracy and free speech, I am embarassed that you have muddied the names of causes I hold dear.

As a poet I am angry, sad and spitting gall, embittered by the crass disregard an institution I was once so proud of has shown for gentleness and compassion, for fellow-feeling with future students, for careful thought, well-chosen language and the courage of a young person in using our tools – our words – to stand in defence of all a university is or ought to be.

I cannot comprehend how educators could stand with government vultures who hover to pick cash-purses from the bones of what should be a seat of learning, and against one student – one scapegoat from among the many – who stood to protect the free flow of information and ideas against hegemony and indoctrination from an aggressive government.

What can I do? How can I protest at this? I am not rich enough to hit you where you just might feel it. All I can do is hold my association with the university at arm’s length, and denounce you wherever I go.

I am ashamed I ever went to Cambridge. I call on you, and any of your peers who still believe in education, in ideas or in your much-vaunted right to free speech to repeal the two-years suspension of a student for nothing more than speaking his mind and proceeding in peace against a very real and dangerous aggressor.

I am ashamed. I am angry. I call for the immediate reinstatement of Owen Holland, and an end to this gross and malicious hypocrisy.

Most Sincerely,
Alice B. Reckless



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My name's Robin. I'm 30, I'm gender queer, and I'm getting married.

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