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Bad day to be female.

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Trigger warning for rape, violence against women, misogynist modernity.

1. Steubenville.

N.B.: Traci Lourdes, behind the second link here, is FUCKING AWESOME.

CNN Rape Apology over Steubenville: news anchors only discussed the futures of two young men, former football stars, in the first three segments on the story, not ONE of them mentioned the future of the woman who was raped – and whose abuse was FILMED AND POSTED ON THE INTERNET. All part of the kind of culture of victim blaming exemplified by the horrors curated behind this jump.

CNN also tried to cast doubt over the legitimacy of the rape claims because the young woman who was attacked had been drinking; you can see the report here.

RAPE CULTURE IS REAL. If I got really drunk, it wouldn’t make it okay for you to stab me, would it? So why this blurring of distinctions around sex? This feeds in to the previous conversation about pornography and social expectations. And explicates my point that these expectations don’t come only from pornography, but exist across society.

A NOTE ON GOOD CONSENT: The only people who are “asking for it” are the people who asked for it. Literally, in as many words.

2. Muslim Brotherhood on Violence Against Women

“In rejecting a draft UN declaration calling for an end to violence against women, the organisation’s blatant misogyny is exposed,” says Amira Nowaira, quite rightly.

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